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w.gif (1540 bytes)hat is RolfingŪ?

RolfingŪ is a system of soft tissue manipulation 
and movement re-education used to improve the
body's structure and function. Rolfing is very effective in improving posture, reducing pain and bettering performance.

This Web site contains information regarding:


Benefits of Rolfing
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For a free consultation contact:

Craig Tracy
Certified Rolfing Practitioner
Certified Movement Practitioner

Rolfing By Craig Tracy
The Devenish
Suite 206, 908-17th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2T 0A3

Phone:(403) 607-4436

Patient Quote

"By knowing my body more intimately,  I have improved my posture, movement, breathing and relaxation techniques.  For example, I find that I am able to breathe easier and more freely,  and do not feel like I am walking against the wind, and stand without feeling so much tension in the knees" - Lucas Law


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Photo's by : Millennium, Model: Wendy Poirier