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Professional Athletes Benefiting from Rolfing

Athletes like Minnesota Vikings, Capt. Of Offense, Cris Carter demand a lot from their bodies. Just last year a high ankle sprain took him out of the game, until he received help from Wayne Henningsgaard, his Certified Rolfer. Cris says, "Six physicians predicted I would be out of the game for five weeks with that high ankle sprain. Wayne had me back out in a week– I played the (Dec. '99) Green Bay game and within two weeks I was playing full force again and ran a 100 yard game."

"For a professional athlete, your job requires you to be at your optimum best," says Qadry Ismail, Baltimore Raven's wide receiver. "If you are not at your best your performance decreases drastically. I depend on Rolfing for injury prevention and recovery. Whatever I come into the session with I know will be gone by the end, no matter how severe or how minor, when I see my Rolfer, Wayne Henningsgaard. I wind up not missing a game, not missing a beat and that makes a big difference to me."


Charles Barkley
- Houston Rockets

Phil Jackson - Coach of the Chicago Bulls

Danny Ainge, Mark West, A.C. Green, and other members of the Phoenix Suns NBA Basketball team.


Bret Saberhagen - Pitcher, Kansas City Royals, Cy Young Award winner, 1985, 1989, says, "Rolfing has improved my physical character--the way I feel about myself, both inside and out. Rolfing is going to help anyone, no matter what you do, in any walk of life."

Tom Seaver - Baseball Hall of Fame Pitcher

Bob Tewksbury - Pitcher for the Twins.

Craig Swan - Former N.Y. Mets Pitcher, now Certified Rolfer, whose career ended from a sports injury, says, "Bodywork can extend athletic careers. I truly believe if I had received Rolfing in the early part of my career, I would still be pitching today."


Mario Lemieux - Former NHL Player with Pittsburg Penguins


John Egan - Extreme Skier and Warren Miller ski film star says, "The first time [a] Certified Rolfer...gave me Rolfing bodywork, the rejuvenating effects were incredible."

Kristen Ulmer - former World Champion Extreme skier and member of US Freestyle Ski team


Ivan Lendl - Top Seed Tennis Champion

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