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How Can You Benefit from RolfingŪ?
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Rolfing is an effective treatment for the following:
miniarrow.gif (102 bytes)Back Pain
miniarrow.gif (102 bytes)Neck & Shoulder Pain
miniarrow.gif (102 bytes)Injury Rehabilitation
miniarrow.gif (102 bytes)Athletic Performance Enhancement
miniarrow.gif (102 bytes)Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
miniarrow.gif (102 bytes)Post Childbirth Pelvis & Hip Pain
miniarrow.gif (102 bytes)Posture Improvement

Overview of General Benefits.

Rolfing Gets Results:

  • release stress
  • reduce aches & pains
  • speed injury recovery
  • enhance performance
  • improve flexibility
  • realign posture
  • improve appearance

For a free consultation:
Craig Tracy,
Certified Rolfing Practitioner


Who Benefits from Rolfing?
People from all walks of life benefit from Rolfing, including:

  • People riddled with Chronic Pain and Stress (i.e. from whiplash, car accidents, sports injuries, repetitive muscle strain from factory and computer occupations).
  • Computer users suffering from hand, arm, neck, and shoulder pain.
  • Athletes, Dancers, Musicians, and other people interested in improved performance.
  • Students of Yoga, Meditation, and Martial Arts.
  • Women preparing their bodies to better handle the extra weight and strains from pregnancy and labor.
  • Women experiencing post-childbirth low back and pelvis pain.
  • Children of all ages, including toddlers. Pre-teenagers gain balance to help them through the emotional time of puberty.
  • People in psychotherapy, by facilitating a deeper connection to their emotional conflicts. People may experience considerable psychological/spiritual growth as the emotional history stored in their bodies is released.

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Rolfing By Craig Tracy. All Rights Reserved.