A Study of Structural Integration from Neuromuscular, Energy Field & Emotional Approaches

Dr. Valerie Hunt and Wayne Massey,
UCLA Dept. of Kinesiology, 1977


UCLA Department of Kinesiology; five year study conducted by Dr. Valerie Hunt and Dr. Wayne Massey; completed in 1977. There were measurements before and after Rolfing of anxiety states, brain hemisphere activity, energy field photography, DC recordings of energy flow in electrical voltage readings, EMG recordings from sixteen separate muscles, electromyograms of neuromuscular patterning of energy, and electronic auric field study.


This five year study produced many results:

  • greater physical skill
  • emotional calmness; decrease in anxiety state
  • improved sensory awareness
  • improved social interaction
  • feelings of well being
  • memory recall
  • enhanced ability to access different states of consciousness
  • increasing right hemisphere brain dominance when needed for right brain activity
  • evidence of changes in ways of processing data and the nature of thought processes that ensue
  • greater movement efficiency
  • more energy; less fatigue
  • improved neuromuscular balance
  • greater energy flow and balance distribution of energy