Children with Cerebral Palsy

Cindy Potter, reported in the “Physical Therapy Forum”, June 18, 1986 (Western Edition)


Physical Therapist Cindy Potter referred four children with Cerebral Palsy, ranging from two to twelve years old, to Rolfing.


Each of the children experienced changes during and following the Rolfing series:

  • A two and a half year old began to walk after the fourth Rolfing session.
  • A four year old who used a walker to move about was pulling up to things, walking along things, and making attempts to walk.
  • A three year old with severe Cerebral Palsy became more flexible in her spine. Her abdomen and rib cage evened out with the abdomen softening, the condition of hands and feet being extremely cold, lessened considerably.
  • A twelve year old who had no gait control, began to walk keeping her balance and moving forward.