Children’s Project

Robert Toperek, Philadelphia, PA, 1978


A three-year pilot study in Philadelphia, PA, conducted by a group of Rolfers led by Robert Toporek, 1978. The monograph “The promise of Rolfing Children” reported on this study published in 1981. Each child’s photograph before Session 1 and after Session 10 and some two and three years later were shown. A summary of results gathered from interviewing the parents and Rolfer’s comments documented the changes.


This pilot study with children demonstrated that:

  • A dramatic improvement in the children’s physical, psychological, and behavioral patterns had occurred.
  • Consistently, parents reported the children had increased confidence, better verbal expression, more self control, and less destructive behavior.
  • Rolfing is an effective means to address conditions such as cerebral palsy or scoliosis.