Rolfing for Work Related Repetitive Motion Injuries

Reprinted with permission by senior author.

Siana Goodwin, on-site Rolfer® at Starkey Laboratories, the world’s third largest hearing aid manufacturer, helped decrease their workmen’s compensation claims for carpal tunnel syndrome by 88%. Rolfing® has proven to be highly effective in managing repetitive stress injuries, and reducing insurance costs.

Chart showing repetitive motion injuries and costs reducing while employees Rolfed increasing


  • Starkey Laboratories, of Eden Prairie, Minnesota U.S.A. is a custom Hearing Aid Manufacturer.
  • Since 1992, Certified Rolfing Practitioner Siana Goodwin has been employed as a consultant, applying Rolfing Structural Integration with people who show early symptoms of repetitive motion injuries.


In 1991 before Rolfing In 1992 after Rolfing
Carpal tunnel surgeries in 1991 of 800 employees: Seven Carpal Tunnel Surgery 1993–1995 of 800 employees: One
Workers Compensation Costs were above $350,000. Workers Compensation Costs dropped 88% to 44,000
Average Cost per claim was $16,000 Average Cost per claim was $1,600
High Insurance Premiums Lowered Insurance Premiums
Modification factor: 91% Modification factor: 75%

Some of the other benefits reported were:

  • Drastic reduction in the severity of injuries, due to increased employee awareness, early reporting of symptoms and Rolfing intervention.
  • Residual savings from a reduction in insurance premium costs for employer. By having a 16% drop in the modification factor.