Neck & Shoulder Pain

Rolfing relieves chronic aches and pains

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, a board-certified internist and head of a fibromyalgia research clinic in Annapolis, MD, says Rolfing can be helpful in relieving headaches, back pains, even fibromyalgia – the mysterious symptoms of exhaustion and body aches often associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.

People of all ages come to Rolfing for help with neck pain, impaired shoulder mobility, and other difficulties which originate from internal strains and muscle imbalances. Through Rolfing, you are likely to have less pain and tension in your body as it becomes more balanced and symmetrical, allowing bones and muscles to do their proper jobs.

Rolfing treats “whole-body” for lasting relief

Often, chronic neck pain is caused by dysfunction in other areas of the body, such as the lower back, the middle back, the pelvis, the knees, the feet, etc. Rolfing effectively treats these root-causes of chronic pain by re-aligning the whole body.

“Although there are many therapies which deal with handling the bones in the lower extremities, unless the fascia (connective tissue) is affected, there is no long-term effect. It is also important to note that most of the patients I see don’t realize that the imbalance in their lower body could be the major factor causing their upper quadrant pain and dysfunction. Rolfing addresses whole body alignment through reorganization of fascial planes.”

“Rolfing is a partner in treatment against pain. This form of body therapy has not only helped me in treating my patients, but many times was the paramount factor in their recovery.”

Jack Haden, D.D.S. (Dentist), Founding Member of the Academy and Board for Head, Neck, and TMJ Pain and Orthopedics.