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Celebrities Offer Perspectives On Rolfing

Willie Nelson, Songwriter & Performer, was quoted in the New York Times, Feb. 25, 1995, saying, "My wife recommended (Rolfing) highlyThe first of ten sessions fixed (my back pain)."

Dr. Larry Dossey, M.D., best-selling author says, "There is one reason to take Rolfing seriously: it works. Not only can it dramatically change people's bodies, it can transform their lives as well."

Levar Burton, of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Reading Rainbow and Roots spoke on the Oprah Winfrey Show in July about the changes he experienced from the Rolfing bodywork. Says Burton, "I always felt great after each of the sessions."

Leon Fleisher, Virtuoso Concert Pianist, attributes his Carnegie Hall comeback to Rolfing. Fleisher, who had lost the use of his right hand 30 years ago from a carpal tunnel injury, is finally recovering with Rolfing treatments and is touring world-wide (as reported in People Magazine, New York Times, and on Good Morning America).

Other celebrities that have benefited from Rolfing include:

  • actress Linda Gray (TV show, Dallas )
  • actress Shirley McLaine
  • writer Sandra Ray (Loving Relationships)
  • actress Ru McClenahan (Blanche on TV show, Golden Girls)
  • actress Cindy Williams (TV show, Laverne & Shirley)
  • poet and songwriter, Leonard Cohen
  • scientist, Jonas Salk (Salk Institute)
  • writer, John Lilly (Day of the Dolfin, Altered States)

    Olympic and Professional Athletes have improved their performance with Rolfing:

    Bret Saberhagen, former Pitcher for the Kansas City Royals and Two-Time Winner of the Cy Young Award (1985, 1989) says, "I think if somebody got Rolfing done, just an average person, they're going to feel a lot better about themselves, and they're probably going to have a lot more energy. I experienced that myself."

    Other Athletes that have benefited from Rolfing include:

    • Mario Lemieux.  NHL Hockey Player
    • Michelle Kwan. Olympic Figure Skater, 1997
    • Tom Seaver, Major League Pitcher
    • Charles Barkley, NBA Basketball Player
    • Ivan Lendl, Top Seed Tennis Champion
    • Edwin Moses, Olympic Discuss Thrower
    • more athletes

    Articles on Rolfing have appeared in the following magazines:

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    • Oprah's "O" Magazine April 2001
    • Runners World March 2001
    • Mademoiselle February 2001
    • Massage & Bodywork April 2001
    • Health May 2001
    • Sports Illustrated  for Women September 2001
    • Muscle & Fitness Magazine
    • American Fitness Aug '98
    • Massage Therapy Journal Winter '99, '97
    • Massage magazine, Jan. '99
    • Alternative Medicine Digest Spring '97
    • Natural Health Magazine Feb. '99, July-Aug '97
    • Healthy Living Aug. '97
    • Day Spa Magazine Sept.'97
    • Yoga Journal
    • SELF, Nov 98
    • FIT Magazine
    • Cosmopolitan
    • La Press
    • Woman's Day Daily
    • Somatics Society
    • GQ, Aug. 98

    Peer Journals

    Consumer Reports magazine, May 2000, published an article, "The Mainstreaming of Alternative Medicine" that lauded deep tissue massage. "In what may be the largest, most detailed survey of alternative medicine use, 46,000 Consumer Reports readers reported their experiences with a wide range of alternative and mainstream therapies (Business wire, 4/12/00). Deep tissue massage was rated significantly more effective than standard physical therapy or prescription drugs for back pain and fibromyalgia (Consumer Reports magazine, May 2000)."

    Rolfing on Television

    The Rolf Institute's Television Coverage Listing


    Aug 2000
    Discovery Health TV Channel, aired a 50 part-documentary series entitled: "Medical Diary", Episode #124, Lonny's Story: Exploring Alternatives to Pain, which featured an in-depth Rolfing segment that follows a client through a Rolfing series with Certified Rolfer, Ben Shield. Olympic MD., Dr. Karlis Ullis was also interviewed. Check for a schedule of dates when "Medical Diary" will air again.

    Feb 20, 2000
    "Fox Sports Net", Senior correspondent, Diana Nyad, interviewed Certified Rolfer and former NY Mets pitcher, Craig Swan about Rolfing structural integration for a Fox Sports net cable channel network. Her show, "GOING DEEP, "featured a segment entitled, "Badge of Honor." It aired at 9PM.

    Oct. 3, 1999
    Certified Rolfer, Jim Pascucci was interviewed about equine RolfingŪ, live on the FOX TV Pet News show at the Chelsea Pier Equestrian Center in New York City.

    Sept. 1999
    National Canadian cable TV, documentary about touch therapies, "The Uncommon Touch," produced by Sleeping Giant Prod., aired on Vision TV in Canada beginning September 30th and continued every Thursday for 12 weeks thereafter. The Rolfing segment, filmed at the Rolf Institute, was featured on Show #6, "Gods and Gurus" and Show #10, "Children's Bodies, Children's Souls." A copy of the video tape interview is available at the Rolf Institute library.

    Sept. 29 or 30,1999
    The "Jeopardy" TV show, mentioned Rolfing under the category of "Massage." They posed the question: Also known as structural integration? The answer: What is Rolfing?

    The Sally Jesse Raphael TV talk show filmed an Alternative Healing segment with Certified Rolfer Bill Legrave's actress client, Diane Ladd, Rolfer Craig Swan, and author, Heide Banks.

    The Wisdom Channel and PBS TV filmed a Rolfing segment for the show, Alternative Medicine, to be aired in Fall '99. Certified Rolfer, Cosper Scafidi, and New York opera singer, Patricia Johnson were interviewed for the segment.

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    All quotes and endorsements appearing on this site have come
    from authorized press releases from the Rolf Institute.
    Rolf Institute
    205 Canyon Blvd
    Boulder, Coloroado
    Contact Sue Seecof, Publicist
    ph: (303) 440-7605
    fx: (303) 449-5978

    Publications on Rolfing

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" A Whole New You"
January 2002

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